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O,R&L provides 24/7/365 comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Services for this 850-acre, 2.6 million square foot campus which features a LEED Gold certified College of Nursing, LEED Platinum College of Computer Science and new 30,000 seat Football Stadium.


O,R,&L Company has delivered first class janitorial services for this college entity, encompassing over 550,000 sq. ft. of educational facilities


O,R&L provides comprehensive janitorial services for 200,000 sq. ft. for this private college seated on 50 acre garden –like campus. O,R&L’s comprehensive program provides first class cleaning for the new state-of the art, high end academic center which features classrooms and science labs and also functions as a reception hall and events center on a regular basis.


O,R&L provides building maintenance services for 300,000 sq. ft. of educational facilities for Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.


O,R&L provides comprehensive management, maintenance and janitorial services for all areas of this 160,000 square foot college facility including labs, classrooms, library, common areas, administrative office areas, courtroom, conference rooms, lounges, vending areas, cafeterias, and restrooms.


O,R&L provides facility maintenance and janitorial services for 140,000 sq. ft. on multiple campuses for this Florida University. Facilities for this campus include instructional and recreational facilities, performance pavilion and auditorium as well as library, cafeterias, scientific laboratories, and administrative offices.