O,R&L Supports the Amway & the 2012-2013 Season Solar Bears Hockey Team

Orlando, FL - The O,R&L team is gearing up for another hockey season for the Orlando Bears at the Amway Center.  O,R&L provides comprehensive building maintenance services and change-over and conversion services for the LEED NC - Gold certified facility.

O,R&L's crews are trained in the management and execution of different types of conversions from the complex NBA regulation basketball flooring installation to the execution of complex seating manifests for large-venue concerts as well as the conversion of the arena to support the Orlando Solar Bears Hockey Team.

The team is adept in conducting conversions skillfully and within the prescribe time frames.  The Amway Center conducts a busy schedule and it is not unusual to go from basketball game to concert to hockey match.  Each set-up requires an attention to detail in order to perform at peak efficiency and to ensure that costly setups are maintained in excellent condition.

The O,R&L Conversion Team as they set up the barriers and plexi-glass for
the Orlando Solar Bears.

Click here for the Orlando Solar Bears 2012-2013 Hockey Schedule