President Obama Visits Florida Atlantic University

President Obama visited Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Boca Raton campus, Tuesday, April 10, to advocate for his proposed tax-the-rich "Buffet Rule."

O,R&L provides comprehensive building maintenance services for the Boca Raton campus and our on-site team was involved in the preparations for the Presidential visit.  Notified just days before the event, the O,R&L Property Manager for FAU and his on-site team worked closely with FAU administration and U.S. Secret Service in order to ensure campus-wide access to the President's safety teams as well as facilitating the set-up for the venue which supported 4,500 enthusiastic ticket holders at FAU's basketball arena.

O,R&L is experienced in high security events including the town wide address in January 2008 held at the Learning Corridor Campus in Hartford, CT by 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.