250,000 Square Foot Residential/Office Tower

250,000 Square Foot Residential/Office Tower 250,000 Square Foot Residential/Office Tower

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Since 2003, Owens Realty Services has provided comprehensive property management, engineering, maintenance and custodial services for the complex and accounting and financial services to the operating corporation.

250,000 sq. ft., 16-story residential/office tower in downtown New Haven, CT. The first two floors of the building are commercially leased with the balance of the building being cooperative residential units comprised of 238 privately-owned studios, and 1,2, and 3-bedroom apartment units. The site offers a 107-space on-site parking lot, 208 space off –site structured parking lot and an outdoor, built-in swimming pool. The dedicated Property Manager for the facility oversees a team that includes a full time Chief Building Engineer, full time Maintenance Mechanic, full time Administrative Assistant, 24/7 front desk staff and 7 days a week janitorial services.

The most recent capital project, under the direction of the Property Manager for this account was for a three year (2014-2017), two-phase $16M renovation which included:

• Elevator modernization

• Structural reinforcement and resurfacing of the parking garage

• Penthouse roof replacement

• Replacement of all balcony railings, windows, sliding glass doors and removal of PCB contaminated curtain wall under an EPA approved remediation plan.

• The Property Manager is currently overseeing the installation of a storm water separation system with a $350,000 budget.

Our Property Manager also previously provided the project management for an eight million dollar capital renovation project at the complex. The capital project consisted of the total replacement of the facility’s mechanical plant as well as major renovations to the exterior building facade and interior common areas.

  Facility Profile:
250,000 square feet

Mechanical Information:

Electrical -

460 Volt 3 Phase 4000 Amp service stepped down to 208/120 Volt

(1) low pressure brick-set Fitzgibbon dual-fuel steam boiler with hot water coil

Heat via steam to hot water heat exchanger (hydronic finned coil served via heating hot water risers)

15,000 UST

Centralized exhaust system with 6 roof mounted exhaust units

(5) Packaged Air Handlers servicing 1st & 2nd floors

Internal Water Cooled DX Towers

Apartment packaged A/C units with inverted fan blowers

Elevators -
Otis (2000 LB Cap @250 FPM)
(2) passenger
(1) freight

Fire -
ADT Universal Modular Fire Alarm Model 4520
50 HP 500 GPM Booster
Wet Standpipe System