Church Street Station

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O,R&L's Asset Management approach is a commitment to meet financial budgets and to reduce operating costs for the properties that we manage. O,R&L provides comprehensive and diligent capital planning, service specification development, vendor management, labor management, preventive maintenance and inventory control services for the Church Street Station complex in downtown Orlando, FL.

The 600,000 sq. ft. Church Street Station portfolio includes the historic Orlando train depot built by the South Florida Railroad in 1889, a restaurant and entertainment complex, an office and retail building on Garland Street and a ballroom facility which is rented for banquets, receptions and special occasions.

O,R&L is committed to providing diligent management and financial services for our client and tenants with a dedicated Property Manager who provides 24/7/365 management and maintenance oversight for the complex.

As a part of the City's revitalization program and with the grand opening of the new Amway Center, Church Street Station is poised to become a high demand entertainment destination.