Brownstone Delivers with Completed Seawall Project in Tampa

Tampa, Fla. – Brownstone Tampa Partners, LLC, an investment partnership with O,R&L Facility Services, was recognized by Friends of the Tampa Riverwalk for the completion of the seawall project which will now allow the City to begin construction on the Riverwalk's next over-the-water segment around the investment partnership's CapTrust Building.

Here We Grow Again

(Excert from Currents - Newsletter for the Tampa Riverwalk/Friends of the Tampa Riverwalk)

With the improvements to the CapTrust building's seawall complete, the next over-the-water segment of the Riverwalk has begun. The segment will connect the Brownstone Property (formerly known as the Trump property) to MacDill Park on the Riverwalk.

 Brownstone Tampa Partners, LLC who owns the former Trump Tower land and the CapTrust building, completed the seawall improvement which allowed the city to begin construction of the additional 220-feet of over-water Riverwalk on the water side of the CapTrust building. Many thanks Brownstone for moving so quickly to get this needed project complete.