O,R&L Gets to Work for the New Image Youth Center

The O,R&L Crew - from left to right:
Krissie D'Abate, Matt Cronin, Bob Owens,
Anne Millians-Roche, Palmer Vietor & Ashley Jacob

Orlando, FL - O,R&L Facility Services and Owens Realty Network get to work building a new stage for the New Image Youth Center in Orlando, FL. Bob Owens, President/CEO of O,R&L Facility Services has been a enthusiastic supporter of Shanta Barton, President and founder of the New Image Youth Center located in the Parramore district of Orlando.

When Ms. Barton was nominated by L'Oreal™ for their 2011 Women of Worth contest, Bob set out to ensure that the center looked its best for the camera crew that would be filming a performance by the children who frequent the center. O,R&L donated all of the materials required to build a new stage in place of the old run down one that had come with the facility.

Joining Bob to complete the building of the new stage in just 2 days were Anne Millians-Roche, President of Owens Realty Network (ORN), a local contractor and many O,R&L and ORN employees.  Not only was the stage completed in time for the filming of Ms. Barton's segment for L'Oreal's 2011 Women of Worth, it now serves as the main stage for numerous subsequent neighborhood performances.